All Red Saffron Grade 1 (Super Negin)

Three strands of saffron stigma connect together. So, strands of saffron stigma are skeined, it seems beauty appearance and more volume, this saffron is more appropriate in market than other classes, so it is more expensive.

All Red Saffron Grade 2 (Negin)

This kind of saffron is same as super Negin strands of stigma connect together.
The only differential between them is length of strands.
Negin saffron stands are shorter.

All Red Saffron ( Sargol )

The only characteristic of this type is the redness of its stigma.
white part of saffron is removed and all red saffron is produced.
This type of saffron is completely pure and is with the cute tissue of saffron without style.

Filament Saffron (Poushali)

Whenever style of saffron is separated from flower stigma will have 1-3mm cream.

Filament Saffron(Bunch or Dokhtarpich)

Stigma have 3-5 mm style. Strands of saffron are tied by white thin yarn and will be dried smoothly.

White Saffron

After removing Sargol from bunch, the root part of strands remains.
This part is known as white saffron.